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Clean Energy is the future


Catherine Hurley

A short article about the importance of leading the transition to sustainability from wherever you are. That everyone has a role to play.

Goal 7 of the UN’s sustainable development goals is affordable and clean energy for all. A lofty goal. And a difficult goal, considering that in 2018 around 80% of global energy was being produced from fossil fuels and more than 770 million people around the world still don’t have access to electricity[1]. But it IS attainable if we work together, as humans, as communities, as nations and as global citizens. More and more countries are committing to net-zero emissions targets. Advancements in technology mean that clean energy can drive the expansion of energy to developing countries rather than a reliance on coal powered generation or other fossil fuels. And with clean energy comes employment, an estimated 18 million jobs by 2030(2). So the future is bright if we draw it brightly.


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